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Software Solutions for Driving schools

2154 Main Street  - Waterbury, CT 06705
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On the Road to Efficient Business

In today's competitive market, the ability to manage specific information crucial to the daily flow of operations is what puts any business in the drivers seat.  BTW Enterprises has opened new roads that will take you and your driving school to places where you have never been before.

With the introduction of Behind-The-Wheell, BTW Enterprises has created software that will operate your driving school as effectively and smoothly as your could imagine.  Whether you have one location or many, Behind-The-Wheel will assist you and simplify your daily tasks, resulting in efficient operations that allow you to focus n new horizons.

We're with you for the Ride

From the minute a new student enters the door until a license is issued, Behind-The-Wheel is keeping track of records.  From charting enrollment, scheduling, payments, attendance to business overviews, Behind-The-Wheel is right there with you, mile after mile.

Something for Everyone

Behind-The-Wheel has been designed with you in mind.  With features that allow you to configure the program to your own specific needs, Behind-The-Wheel can be tuned to run your business your way.  Tested over the past two years with some of the largest schools in the country, Behind-The-Wheel has the horsepower needed to keep your business in the fast lane.

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  • Windows 95
  • Windows 3.1
  • Personalized screen set-up
  • Consistant commands with all screens
  • Single User version expandable to network version
  • Bar graphs of business statistics


  • Personal computer with a 386 or higher microprocessor
  • Windows 3.1 or higher
  • 4 MB of memory
  • One 3.5" high density disk drive
  • 5 MB of hard drive space


  • Novell 3.12 or 4.1
  • Windows for Workgroups 3.11 Net-Bios
  • Windows 95 Net-Bios


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